Tax and Accounting Staff

Mary Huey, EA                

Karen Bjorn, EA               

Tammy Combs, EA        

Cameron Welch, EA       

GerriAnne Huey, EA         

Steve Bosley                                            

‚ÄčTax and Accounting

About us.....

Huey and Bjorn began doing tax and accounting work for clients in January of 1988.  While we've been in the same building since our first day of business, we've expanded our client list, office space and work team over the intervening years.  We have also lived through multiple changes in tax legislation as well as computer technology.  Not one year since 1988 has been the same except for our location and our focus on providing the highest level of service to our clients.  We like coming to work.  We enjoy interacting with our clients.  We love solving tax and accounting problems.